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When the size of single boards can’t properly used on their project or they want get more value in a low cost. Some customers will choose panelizing service. Following are the tips for  panelizing service:


1.Single board:


If your file is a single board,the minimum size we can make is 10mm*10mm.

The maximum size we can make is 550mm*550mm.


2.V-cut Panel board:


The minimum size we can make for V-cut panel is 80mm*80mm, the maximum size we can make for V-cut panel is 550mm*550mm. Or it can not go through the v-cut machine.

Note:The minimum size of single board in V-cut panel we can make is 10mm*10mm.


V-cut is a straight and uninterrupted line. The mini spacing between 2 V-cut line is 2mm. For 1.6mm thickness boards, V-cut line must has 1mm spacing with the edge of boards; for 1.0mm thickness, it should be 0.7mm. Customer can add the V-cut line in the GKO layer or the silkscreen layer, and should remark that there is V-cut line in silkscreen layer.


3.Stamp holes/slots panel board:


For the panel which separated by stamp holes or slots, no need to be bigger than 80m*80mm.


The snap off holes can be used in irregular shape of PCB while the V-cut can’t, if you want to panelize irregular shape of PCB. If the PCB panel is not enough to be 8x8cm to fit with v-cut, mouse bites would be a better choice.The mini spacing between 2 mouse bites is 2mm.